Welcome to my Round Table page

6M Round Table

The Net is held on 50.200 MHZ USB
Every Sunday @ 14:00L, Join us,
We will try and have a standard question
or subject but feel free to add any of your
own comments thats why it is call a round table.
Here are the audio files for the Sunday 6M Round table nets.
7 July
14 July
21 July
28 July
4 Aug
11 Aug
1 Sept
8 Sept
22 Sept
29 Sept

Brad recorded these they will give you an idea what Brad heard and I think I was hearing about the same.
Ron recorded the 7/28 & 8/4 net as Brad was not going to be on until the end, thanks Ron.

Derek gave reports from Platsmouth on 7/28 net here they are if you want to see them

Click on the pic's for full size image.

Here are some pic's of Kyle's (AD0ZC) antennae.

Here is pic of Brad's (W0TVS) antennae.

Here are pic's of Ron's (RG) antennae &.

Here are pic's of Tom's (WD0BFO) 6M antennae. Ok because I can, take this link and check out the project. There are also pics of the antennas in there too, but I will leave these on here too. Mini project>

Here are pic's of Mark's (N0VUB) 6M antennae.

Here are the plans
(I plan to check this
out further)

Here are pic's of Gary's (WD0CFC) 6M Rig & Antenna.

Here are pic's of Larry's (W0PYA) 6M/2M Yagi's about 30'.