Welcome to the WD0BFO Tilt Over Mast project page

Tilt Over Mast (TOM)

I was looking for a mast that
1. could hold antennas 2. would not have to climb to work on them 3. would not have to be guyed (limited space)

So I found this on the web search and this is what I started with: support plans>
I then replaced the mast with my own,never got this high due to location and power lines but base should hold it.
I then added the winch to raise and lower it,
a cleat on side to wrap up lines that I had to hold the end of my Inv V
but now all that is on it is 3E 6M yagi and dual band 2/440 for local use.
Here are some pictures, if you click on the picture it will give you full size view.
I hope this helps if your looking for a small space tilt over that is sturdy and relatively cheap.